Representing Immigrants in all 50 States on Immigration Cases

The Law Office of Dahlia Castillo is dedicated to helping individuals and families. We understand your situation, in your language. Your future is our priority and we are dedicated to results.

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Experienced Fayetteville Immigration Lawyer

Helping immigrants make it in the United States

The Law Office of Dahlia Castillo is a North Carolina-based solo law firm providing legal representation for immigrants in all 50 states on their immigration cases. Whether it’s a visa, green card, deportation defense or or naturalization – we are here to help you with your case and make the US your permanent home.

We also offer legal services for immigrants who need representation on family law matters or DWI/traffic cases in the North Carolina area. Our bilingual team will be with you every step of the way, and we will pursue your case with your best interests in mind.

Our commitment to the immigrant Hispanic community is rooted in our own life stories.

The Law Office of Dahlia Castillo

Navigating the legal system when you are an immigrant requires more caution and preparation than it does for regular US citizens. Having access to legal services in your language is a privilege that many Americans take for granted, and that few immigrants get to have. The Law Office of Dahlia Castillo aims to serve the Hispanic community with comprehensive legal services. We specialize not only in immigration law, but also in civil law procedures from an immigration perspective.

When you hire Attorney Dahlia Castillo to represent you, your case is handled by her and not an assistant from the initial consultation to the end of the case.

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Our Services


Deportation Defense, Citizenship and Naturalization, Family Green Card Process, VAWA, U Visa, T Visa, Employment Visas and Green Card.

Legal Services

Defending Immigrants and Noncitizens in North Carolina Court.


Absolute Divorce, Immigrants, Divorce & The I-864, Child Custody, Special Immigrant Juvenile Custody Order, Child Support.

Traffic - DWI

Traffic Violation in North Carolina, Traffic and Immigrant Clients, Defending Immigrants charged with DWI.


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Immigration Proposes Big Fee Increases

The New Year is all about changes- changing bad habits, changing our dress size; The United States and Immigration Services (USCIS) is no different. In

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The Law Office of Dahlia Castillo

Attorney Dahlia Castillo offers in-person and online consultations for all your legal needs.