Child Custody

Child Custody Attorney in North Carolina

When a married couple gets divorced and there are children involved, the court determines which parent gets custody. North Carolina courts take into account multiple factors relevant to the physical and mental well-being of the child or children before reaching a decision.

In any child custody case, the most important thing is to guarantee the best possible care for the children. Immigrant parents often make enormous sacrifices so that their children can live a good life, and divorce cases are no exception. That is why it is extremely necessary that you know your rights as an immigrant well and make the right decisions to protect the well-being of your family.

Settle Your Child Custody Case in North Carolina with the Help of an Expert

Consulting with an attorney is of utmost importance, as their professional knowledge of family law matters and North Carolina child custody settlements will help build and strengthen your case. An attorney will also guide you through the steps of the legal process and prepare suitable documentation to present in court.

No one can use your immigration status against you

Your immigration status cannot be used against you to prevent you from seeing your children or getting custody of them. If someone wants to convince you otherwise, contact an attorney specializing in family and immigration law immediately. Having the help, support and experience of a professional will allow you to resolve your child custody case in the best way possible.

North Carolina child custody attorney Dahlia Castillo offers legal representation and aid for immigrant parents. Attorney Castillo, an immigrant mother herself, is also fluent in Spanish and provides a bilingual consultation service.