Deportation Defense

Deportation Defense Attorney in North Carolina

Deportation cases in the United States are processed in the Immigration Courts of the different federal states. Immigrants in removal proceedings are not legally entitled to government-appointment counsel , so they or their families must hire an attorney to obtain legal representation and defend the immigrant from deportation or removal from the United States.

Deportation defense attorney Dahlia Castillo has successfully represented dozens of immigrants in deportation cases before the Immigration Courts of North Carolina and Texas. A deportation process begins with a “Notice to Appear”, a document that is delivered to the immigrant in question and in which they are requested to appear in court in front of an immigration judge. This legal document contains extremely important information about the case: the reasons why the government seeks to deport the immigrant, and the date of the hearings.

What to do when summoned for removal proceedings?

If you or a loved one are summoned to court for removal proceedings in North Carolina, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. There are many ways to appeal and resolve a deportation case that will allow the immigrant to remain in the United States legally or with special permission. Deportation defense attorney Dahlia Castillo works closely with clients to have a clear understanding of their case and propose the best alternatives given their particular circumstances.

Many times, a deportation can be avoided by applying for asylum, appealing to the judge to stop the removal procedure for humanitarian reasons as established by the Convention Against Torture (CAT), or acquiring temporary protected status such as TPS or DACA. Another alternative is to seek cancellation of removal if the conditions for this benefit are met. Attorney Castillo will attend the interviews with the immigration judges and seek an arrangement that benefits the immigrant and allows them to stay in the United States with their family and loved ones.

The Law Office of Dahlia Castillo is a law firm founded and run by an immigrant woman. We understand what it feels like to be in your situation and we are committed to fighting for your case every step of the way. Your consultations with our team are absolutely confidential.