Child Custody

Child Custody

When a married couple with children gets divorced, it is the court that determines which of the adults involved will get custody of the children. In reaching a decision, North Carolina courts take into account multiple factors relevant to the physical and mental well-being of children.

The most important thing in this situation is of course to guarantee the best possible care for the children in the future. Migrant mothers and fathers often make enormous sacrifices so that their children can live a good life, and divorce cases are no exception. That is why it is extremely necessary that you know your rights as a migrant well and make the right decisions to protect the well-being of your family. Consulting with a specialist attorney is vitally important, as their professional knowledge in the area will help you gather the necessary information and evidence to support your child custody case in the eyes of the court.

Your immigration status cannot be used against you to prevent you from seeing your children or getting custody of them. If someone wants to convince you otherwise, contact an attorney specializing in family and immigration law immediately. Having the help, support and experience of a professional will allow you to resolve your child custody case in the best way possible.

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Resuelva su Caso de Custodia de Niños en Carolina del Norte con la Ayuda de una Experta

Consultar con un abogado es de vital importancia, ya que su conocimiento profesional de los asuntos de ley familiar y de custodia de menores en Carolina del Norte ayudará a fortalecer su caso. Un abogado de custodia de niños le guiará a través del proceso legal y prepara la documentación legal pertinente para presentar ante la corte.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Custody Order

In some cases, undocumented minors who have been victims of abandonment, abuse or mistreatment by one or both parents can obtain special immigration status and eventually permanent residence. This happens when another adult takes custody of the minor through an order issued by the relevant state juvenile court. Under these circumstances, the minors receive a Special Migrant Youth (SIJ) immigration status, which makes the beneficiaries in question eligible for lawful permanent residence.

Immigrant juvenile custody cases are especially complex as they follow a completely different path than traditional custody in divorce cases. The particularly vulnerable situation of these minors also forces the courts to be much more cautious when issuing orders. If you are looking to take custody of an undocumented migrant child who qualifies for the SIJ category, you will need the help of a good attorney to guide you through every step of the process. Having a specialist on your side will ensure that the process is carried out effectively and as quickly as possible to ensure the child’s well-being.

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