Traffic violations and DWI Attorney in North Carolina

If you are an immigrant, having a traffic violation on your record might get you in trouble with USCIS or law enforcement officials. Depending on your immigration status, something as minor as a speeding ticket or improper equipment can cause you long-term problems if you do not address the issue with the proper legal assistance.

Undocumented immigrants (with or without DACA) are most at risk of complications for having traffic violations on their record, but even lawful permanent residents might face tough penalties: your green card may be revoked if you are convicted of serious crimes, like driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving while license revoked (DWLR).

For undocumented immigrants, deportation is much more likely with just a few minor records. DACA is not a safeguard against deportation either, as traffic violations may cause you to lose your protected status.

If you are an immigrant and have received a court summons for a traffic violation, your best option is to immediately contact an attorney with experience in this field. At the Law Office of Dahlia Castillo we have worked with thousands of clients in similar situations and we know that the most effective strategy is to be prepared from the very beginning. The goal of an expert traffic violations or DWI attorney is to fight the charges and get them dismissed; alternatively, reach a compromise with the court that does not jeopardize your presence in the United States. The Law Office of Dahlia Castillo represents clients throughout North Carolina in the Cumberland, Wake, Harnett, and Hoke counties.

Get advice on your legal situation from an expert DWI attorney

Our commitment to the immigrant community drives us to get the best possible court settlement for our clients. We want to make sure that you can move forward with your visa, residency or naturalization application without having to worry about whether or not a traffic ticket will decide your fate.

Even in cases where a dismissal is not feasible, the legal team at the Law Office of Dahlia Castillo will do everything in our power to get you a plea deal that gives you a chance to defend your case in Immigration Court and avoid an unfortunate deportation.

As an experienced traffic violations and DWI attorney, Dahlia Castillo will evaluate your case and recommend an appropriate course of action based on your personal circumstances. Attorney Dahlia Castillo will be by your side at each step of the process and she will explain the consequences for each possible course of action.

Make sure you have the best possible defense for your case so that you can wait for your visa, green card or naturalization application to be accepted without added stress, or rest assured that your permanent residence will not be affected by any traffic violations or crimes. Book an appointment with traffic violation and DWI attorney Dahlia Castillo today to get professional advice on your case.