Consultation Policy

The importance of a consultation should not be underestimated.  This is the most important thing that happens in every case as that is when the majority of the decisions for the case take place.

Scope and DurationRegular immigration consultations are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are $100 per person. Saturday and more lengthy immigration consultation longer than 30 minutes are $150 per person.  For those who cannot wait for a regular appointment, Emergency/Same-Day/After 5 P.M.: $300 per person. For this higher fee, you can be scheduled for an emergency slot that is usually held the same day of payment or the next day. Consultation fees are paid in advance. The consultation fee is non-refundable, meaning it is important you appear on time for your consultation. The consultation fee for Emergency/Same-Day/After 5 P.M., will be credited to your legal fee when you sign-up with our office. This is a one-time consultation, limited to the specific question the person who will be attending the immigration consultation has based on the existing laws or facts. 

Refunds: The immigration consultation fees are not refundable, meaning it is important you appear on time for your consultation as scheduled. If you cannot arrive on time, please call us and we may conduct the consultation by phone.

Lateness:  You are expected to arrive or call in, if by Skype, at your scheduled time, if you do not arrive in the office or call in after 15 minutes of the confirmed time, regardless of reason, you are considered late. In this situation your consultation appointment will be kept at the attorney’s discretion if her schedule permits, otherwise you will be required to reschedule. If the attorney proceeds with the consultation appointment, the consultation will last the length of what remains. (Ex. If your schedule appointment is for 1:00 p.m. and you called or show-up at 1:15 p.m., your consultation will end at 1:30 p.m. – 30 minutes).  If your consultation is rescheduled.

If there is an emergency or for any reason the attorney cannot begin the consultation on time, the consultation will be held immediately (as soon as available). We do our best to start and end meetings on time, but due to the complexity of cases or unanticipated interruptions (e.g. judge’s call) some consultations may be delayed.

Purpose of a consultation

  • Review the details of your immigration situation and determine what action or relief is necessary and available to you.
  • Answer questions that you have about your immigration case.
  • Explain to you your options and the general procedures for each option.Decide whether the attorney would be willing to take the case.
  • Provide you with an immigration fee quote, based on the facts of the case.

What will not take place during the consultation:

      • Explaining to you how to conduct your case without an attorney.
      • Review the paperwork filled out by you (or anyone else) for completeness or accuracy.
      • Providing you with advice or instructions on how to handle your immigration case on your own.

Please do not pay for a consultation if what you really want is advice on how to improve your immigration packet on your own. You will be disappointed and your consultation fee will not be returned.

Confidentiality: Lawyer professional responsibility prevents lawyer from revealing clients’ (or individuals speaking to a lawyer for legal consultation) oral or written statements (or lawyers’ own statements to clients) to anyone, including prosecutors, employers, friends, or family members, without their clients’ consent. Consent must be in writing. If you invite a third party into your consultation who is not also being represented by the firm in that same case, or who is not necessary to facilitate the communication such as a translator or other professional, you will be waiving your right to claim attorney-client privilege.