Child Support

Child Support Lawyer in North Carolina

Child support in North Carolina is usually settled according to general guidelines that the state establishes for the entire territory. This means that the courts follow state guidelines in determining the monthly child support payment when parents cannot reach an agreement on their own.

The court may even order an amount greater than the one indicated in the guideline if it considers it necessary when evaluating the needs of the minors involved. A common example is adding a certain amount of money to cover for child care expenses in case the custodial parent has to go to work, school, or attend a job training program. Some other costs that may be considered are medical care, travel expenses to visit the non-custodial parent, and other expenses associated with educational needs or other needs the child may have.

Negotiate Your Child Support Agreement in North Carolina with the Help of an Attorney

Quite often the circumstances of the parties involved change and a parent who is paying child support or receiving payments can make a request to modify the terms of the agreement.

Child support cases are not easy as they concern situations that affect people emotionally, and the parties are not always able to reach an agreement on their own. For immigrants, these situations entail an additional stress factor since no one wants to see their immigration status jeopardized, and a legal dispute is therefore undesirable.

Find the Right Legal Counsel to Defend You as an Immigrant Parent

The most important thing you should do as an immigrant parent with a child support case is inform yourself about your rights and seek proper legal counsel. The goal is to reach an agreement that guarantees both the well-being of your children and that you will be able to remain in the United States with them without jeopardizing your status. Child support lawyer Dahlia Castillo, an immigrant mother herself, can help you with your case and provide you with the legal representation or aid you require.

Do not heed unfounded or misleading advice. You have rights. Contact the Law Office of Dahlia Castillo for legal assistance regarding your child support case in North Carolina. Our bilingual team will answer your questions and explain your options.