Citizenship and Naturalization

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Having US citizenship is an incredible advantage for people living and working in the United States, as it grants you a series of exclusive rights and benefits. Most people get their citizenship at birth either through US citizen parents or by being born within United States territory. However, immigrants can acquire US citizenship through a process called naturalization.

Asylees, spouses of US citizens, lawful permanent residents, and people who have served in the US military may apply for naturalization after living in the United States for an extended period of time.

Spouses of US military members may be eligible for expedited naturalization outside the United States. Children of US military members may be eligible for expedited naturalization as well, or even qualify to automatically receive US citizenship.

Naturalization requirements

Qualifying for naturalization alone is not enough to get your citizenship. You must first pass a background and security check, attend an interview with USCIS employees, and successfully complete the naturalization examination. In order to become a US citizen, you must prove that you have a knowledge of the country’s history, government and core values, and also demonstrate that you are fluent in the English language.

The government agency in charge of reviewing naturalization applications is USCIS. When you submit your application, you must present suitable documents and sufficient evidence that support your citizenship request. Having an immigration and naturalization lawyer at your side during this process will ensure that your application meets all the requirements. Said requirements are a bit different depending on the circumstances under which you are requesting your naturalization, and your lawyer will explain which apply to your case.

Prepare your application with the help of a citizenship lawyer

An expert immigration and naturalization lawyer can also provide valuable insight regarding any incidents or past situations that could have a negative impact on your application. As mentioned, part of the naturalization process includes an interview with USCIS officers, and they will ask you questions regarding your background. Any past incidents with the police or law enforcement officers must be properly documented and explained, as well as any legal name changes or changes to your marital status.

You should never lie in your naturalization application. A good citizenship lawyer will help you prepare your case so that you can present it before the USCIS officials, explain any past situation that they bring up, and stay calm throughout the interview despite feeling nervous.

The Law Office of Dahlia Castillo has assisted several qualifying immigrants with their citizenship and naturalization applications. We have helped many members of the local Hispanic community prepare their applications, and we have provided valuable information about what to expect from their interview and how to best answer questions from government officials. Citizenship lawyer Dahlia Castillo, an immigrant herself, has dedicated her career to helping immigrants and their families make their American Dream a reality, and each naturalization case we win brings our legal office great joy.

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