Military Immigration

Military Immigration Attorney in North Carolina

In recognition of their sacrifice, service, and dedication, the United States has created a series of benefits for military members. Part of said benefits are special immigration procedures for military officers, their spouses, and close family members.

Naturalization for Military Members

Lawful permanent residents who serve or have served in the military can become naturalized citizens after one year of active duty. This term is considerably shorter than that established for civilians, who must wait at least five years to access the benefit.

Expedited Naturalization for Military Spouses

Military spouses who are legal permanent residents may be able to take advantage of special laws that allow the spouses of U.S. citizen members of the US armed forces to naturalize more rapidly than other permanent residents.

Military Parole in Place

Military Parole in Place (PIP) is a special waiver for the spouse, children and parents of an Armed Services member who entered without permission and are unlawfully present in the United States. Military PIP will allow the spouse, children and parents of an Armed Services member to adjust their status in the United States, so they do not have to leave the country and go through consular processing in their home country.

It is important to speak to a military immigration attorney before filing our request for PIP as issues regarding entry, unlawful employment, fraud on I-9 forms, claims to US citizenship, and criminal history can affect your request.

Expediting Applications due to Deployments or Other Factors

Military personnel may be able to have the naturalization application of their family member expedited on a case by case basis.

Attorney Dahlia Castillo has helped many Service Members and their families stationed at Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, Fort Meade , Fort Sill and Fort Gordon with their immigration procedures.

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