Legal Services for Immigrants

Legal Services for Immigrants in North Carolina

Immigrants in the United States often have difficulties accessing administrative services. Sometimes fear or concern for their immigration status prevents immigrants from exercising their rights. At other times, the obstacle is the language barrier.

The Legal Office of Dahlia Castillo has a bilingual team, so you can get advice on your family law case, DWI or traffic ticket and in both Spanish and English. Our consultations with clients are absolutely confidential. With a long history of working alongside immigrants as legal representatives, we fully understand the apprehension that these situations can cause, and we support our clients at every step of the process to ensure the best possible experience with the legal system.

Attorney Dahlia Castillo, founder of our office, is an immigrant and the spouse of a military officer. Because of her own life story, she intimately knows the challenges of being an immigrant in the United States. When she started her practice in North Carolina, she quickly realized that there was no attorney offering legal services for immigrants. Out of a desire to help her community, she threw herself into the study of the language and became one of the most sought-after attorneys for the Hispanic community in the region.

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Our Legal Services for Immigrants:

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